What Food for your Mood? – A guide to choosing what to eat at L’Académie based on how you’re feeling

Our moods change depending on a range of factors, and the food you eat is a huge determiner in your short and long-term state of being.

Eat the right meal and you can immediately be perked up and ready to take on the day. Choose the wrong one and you’ll feel moody and restless.

When you choose the right meal based on your mood (we’ve got a range of delicious Italian and French dishes for all tastes) and eat it in beautiful surroundings (we’ve got that covered, too), you’ll help yourself physically and mentally.

Here’s a guide to choosing your meal at L’Académie based on your mood.

When You’re Feeling Stressed

Life happens. If you’ve had a long day at the office or are going through a rough patch in a relationship, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it’s natural.

Choosing the right meal can have a big impact on your mood and help perk you up by relieving tension and stabilizing your blood sugar. Digging your fork into a healthy and nutritious meal full of vital nutrients, minerals, and amino acids can help you destress and get healthy.

Our recommendation: A Caesar salad and smoked salmon combo

The dark, leafy greens of a savory Caesar salad combined with the omega-3 fats of smoked salmon will instantly help you release tension and feel better. Dense in nutrients and chock full of vital building blocks for protein and mood-regulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin, this combo is mouth-wateringly healthy and the perfect anti-stress lunch. When your plate has been cleared, you’ll start to realize that things aren’t so bad after all!

When You’re Feeling Down

Feeling blue can make you feel like you want to eat your sorrows away. Don’t get us wrong, you definitely can, but it probably isn’t the way you think.

Avoid the chips, sweets, and other sugary comfort foods and reach for a healthy option. Here’s a meal that will improve your outlook right away (and not just because it’s delicious!).

Mussels Mediterranean (feta, tomatoes, white wine, oregano)

Mussels are a newly discovered sadness buster. It’s secret? It’s loaded with Vitamin B12, a substance vital to insulating your brain cells and keeping you sharp as you age.

Your thyroid, which is mainly what regulates your mood, will benefit from the zinc, iodine, and selenium that hides inside each delectable bite. They are also high in protein, making them a nutrient-dense option that will help keep your waistline from expanding.

The added benefits from the healthy feta, veggies, and white wine will help release dopamine and make you feel perky even when you’re feeling blue. And when you see that it’s only $13,95 at certain times of the week, you’ll feel even happier!

When You’re Already Happy

Since you don’t need anything special to perk up your mood, it’s best to pair your positivity with some light fare proven to maintain mood and add some extra positivity to the day (as well as electrify your taste buds).

Appetizer + Drink + Dessert: Fried Calamari, Coffee, and Ice Cream

The fried calamari offers up a delicious base for the sweet that’s about to follow, while still pumping your body full of vital vitamins and nutrients that you can only get from fresh seafood. Regular coffee intake has been linked to increased positivity, especially when enjoyed in the company of friends. Ice cream is, well, ice cream. Our homemade ice cream is sweet, toothsome, and exquisite beyond compare. Guilt foods might not be the answer when you’re feeling down, but when you’re loving life, why not add to the excitement?

Regardless of the mood you’re in, L’academie has a range of great foods to pair with it. Whether you need to destress, boost your mood, or add to the enjoyment, our fine Italian and French cuisine is exactly the answer.