Shrimp Cocktail


Onion Soup


Smoked Salmon


Atlantic smoked salmon, red onions & capers.



Chef’s soup of the day.

Eggplant Parmigiano


Breaded eggplant with mozzarella served on tomato sauce.

Parmesan Fondue


Melted parmesan fondu on tomato & aioli mayonnaise.

Garlic Snails


With garlic butter. Gratiné – Add $2



Fried calamari with spicy tomato sauce & lemon.

Italian Sausage


Tomato sauce with mixed peppers & basil.

Coquille St­-Jacques


Mixed seafood with mash potato & béchamel sauce.

Crab Cakes


Served on spicy tomato sauce & aioli mayonnaise.

Mussels Marinara


Fresh mussels, anchovies, tomato sauce, white wine, capers & parsley.

Bruschetta Campagnola


Diced tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onion, basil, capers, black olives, French shallots, oregano, lemon zest, balsamic reduction & crumbled feta.

Garlic bread


Garlic Bread Gratiné



Oriental Salad


House Salad


Mesclun salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber & house dressing. Large: $17

Ceasar Salad


House Caesar dressing, parmesan & croutons. Large: $19

Arugula Salad


House dressing, cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings & balsamic reduction. Large: $24


Main meals are served with French fries.

Salmon Tartar (entrée)


Fresh Atlantic salmon, mango, avocado, capers, Sesame seeds, coriander, spicy Sriracha & olive oil.

Salmon Tartar (main course)


Fresh Atlantic salmon, mango, avocado, capers, Sesame seeds, coriander, spicy Sriracha & olive oil.

Beef Tartar (entrée)


Diced filet mignon cube, capers, Dijon mustard, shallots, chives, spicy Sriracha & olive oil.

Beef Tartar (main course)


Diced filet mignon cube, capers, Dijon mustard, shallots, chives, spicy Sriracha & olive oil.

Lobster (entrée)


Fresh lobster, caviar, sesame seeds, mango, green apple, microgreens & asian ginger vinaigrette.

Lobster Tartar (main course)


Fresh lobster, caviar, sesame seeds, mango, green apple, microgreens & asian ginger vinaigrette.


Served with French fries.

Everyday Lunch 18

From 11am to 3pm

Mussels & Fries



Duo Dijon mustard, cream, white wine & shallots.


Anchovies, tomato sauce, white wine, capers & parsley.


Cream & Roquefort cheese.


Cognac, cream & green peppercorns.


White wine, leeks & cream.


White wine, lemon & butter.


Tomato sauce, white wine, chili peppers, onions, crumbled sausage & parlsey.


Blue cheese, crumbled sausages, garlic, shallots & chives.


Our fresh, homemade sauces are made daily. Gluten free pasta option available for a $2 extra.

Spaghetti Pomodoro


Tomato sauce with basil.

Spaghetti Bolognese


Traditional homemade meat sauce.

Fettuccini Primavera


Seasonal vegetables, olive oil, garlic & fine herbs.

Penne Romanoff


Tomato sauce, cream, cracked black pepper, shallot, flambéed with vodka.

Fettuccini Alfredo


Cream, parmesan and butter.

Tortellini Rosé


Stuffed with veal, tomato sauce, cream & parmesan.

Our Classics

Gnocchi Con Bocconcini


Cream, parmesan, shallots, garlic, melted bocconcini & chives.

Spaghetti Carbonara


Cream, egg and shallots & pancetta.

Penne Di Trieste


Tomato sauce, cream, parmesan, prosciutto & mushrooms.

Fettucinni Duck Confit


Cream, butter, parmesan, duo mushroom, garlic, basil & parsley.

Penne With Sausages


Tomato sauce, sausages, rapini, mixed peppers & garlic.

Linguini with escargots


Cream, garlic, snails, sun dried tomatoes & basil.

Ravioli Brasato


Braised beef ravioli, duo mushrooms, thyme, garlic, cherry tomatoes & veal stock.

Penne Con Pollo


Olive oil, white wine, garlic, chicken, seasonal vegetables, sun dried tomatoes & fine herbs.

Tagliatelle del bosco


Mixed mushroom, garlic, olive oil, white wine, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, crumbled feta, fine herbs & arugula.

Di Mare

Fettuccini Nastaba


Smoked salmon, cream, cracked black pepper & dill.

Linguini Con Gamberi


Tomato sauce, cream, shrimps, garlic, spinach & crumbled feta.

Linguini Di Mare


Mussels, clams, garlic, cream, white wine, Madagascar pepper, shallots & parmesan.

Tagliatelle Pescatore


Tomato sauce, white wine, capers, garlic, shallots, mixture of shrimp, mussels, clams, scallops & calamari.


Lasagna Pasticciata


Layered pasta, tomato & meat sauce, eggs, cream, mushrooms & melted mozzarella.



Stuffed with meat, ricotta, fine herbs, tomato sauce & melted mozzarella.




Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, parmesan & tomato sauce.

Prosciutto & Arugula


Prosciutto, Portobello mushrooms, peppers, arugula, olive oil, tomato sauce.



Sautéed vegetables, olives, mozzarella, olive oil & tomato sauce.

Di Manzo


Crumbled sausage, pepperoni, pancetta, garlic, red onions, black olives, mozzarella & parmesan.

Gourmet poutines

Served with homemade fries and cheese curds.



Filet mignon cubes, pepper sauce & cheese curds.

Duck Confit


Duck confit, porto sauce & cheese curds.



Italian sausages, pancetta, Marsala sauce & cheese curds.



Shredded chicken, duo mushrooms, green peppercorns, cheese curds & creamy demi-glace sauce.


Served with pasta of the day.

Thursdays 30

On all the veal dishes

Veal Scallopini


À la moutarde

Cream & duo Dijon mustard.

Piccata Limone

White wine, capers & lemon.

Duo Pepe

Cream, cognac, pink & green peppercorns.


Demi-glace, mushrooms & Marsala wine.

San Daniele

Prosciutto, spinach, cream & demi-glace.

Wild Mushrooms

Duo mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes & goat cheese.

Cutlet Parmigiana

Lightly breaded, tomato sauce & melted mozzarella.

from the land

Served with potatoes & fresh vegetables.

Butcher’s cut


Market price.

Chicken Parmagiana


Served with linguine aglio e olio and vegetables.

Rib Steak – 16oz


With steak spices.

Duck Magret


Porto & raspberry demi-glace.

Rack of Lamb


Porto & raspberry demi-glace.

Filet Mignon – 8oz


Angus AAA cut, pepper sauce.

N.Y. Striploin – 12oz


Angus AAA cut, pepper sauce.

Chicken Campagnola


Grilled double chicken breast, dice tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onions, parsley, basil, capers, black olives & lemon zest.

Mosaic Surf & Turf


6oz filet mignon, gilled jumbo shrimps, lobster tail & garlic butter.

from the sea

Served with rice & seasonal vegetables.

Frog Legs


Crispy fried.

Atlantic Salmon


Lemon juice, oregano, garlic & olive oil.

Jumbo Shrimps (6)


Grilled shrimps with garlic & cream sauce.

Jumbo Shrimps (6)


Grilled shrimps with lemon juice, oregano, garlic & olive oil.

Yellowfin Pepper Tuna


Ginger, coriander & soy vinaigrette.

Catch of the Day


Market price

Kids Menu

12 years and under. Soft drinks or juice and dessert included.

Free for kids

All day on Sundays

Kids Meal


Spaghetti / Penne

Served with meatball sauce or tomato sauce.

Pizza Marguarita

Pizza sauce, mozzarella & tomatoes.

Pizza Pepperoni

Pizza sauce, pepperoni & mozzarella.

Chicken Tenders

Breaded chicken strips with French fries.

Chicken Filet

Grilled chicken fillet with French fries.


BBQ poutine gravy & cheese curds.