With the winter season in full-effect, residents all over Montreal and surrounding areas are starting to feel the icy cold temperatures. Winter is a great season to spend time at home, out doing winter activities or enjoying a nice hot meal with friends and family. Many people love to go out to spend time on Mont-Royal cross country skiing, snowshoeing or taking winter hikes during their down time. Skating in Montreal’s old port is another top choice — especially when they have themed music nights. Plus we cannot forget about the countless winter festivals that pass through like Nuit Blanche in Montreal and the Winter Carnival in Quebec City!

No matter what your favourite winter activity is, everyone needs a good meal before or after to warm up the body. Visit us at L’Académie. Our spacious restaurants have plenty of room to accommodate you and your family. Even when we’re busy, we can always make room and offer a great service.

We have an extensive menu of specially prepared hot dishes for any kind of eater — including young kids. Choose from a variety of dishes, share a bottle or two of wine and put your feet up!

After work

After a long day at work, the last thing many people want to do is cook. Take an evening off from your responsibilities and come have dinner with us. From Sunday through till Wednesday, all of our delectable pasta dishes are priced at $12.95, all of our signature mussel and fries dishes are $13.95 and chicken and veal dishes are on special every Thursday. As always, feel free to bring your favourite wine and or beer to complement your meal.


Taking the kids out skating over the weekend? Have to run long errands throughout the day and need somewhere to have lunch? Come have a gourmet meal with us! We offer specials on pastas and mussels every day during lunch so you’re bound to find something that interests you that won’t hurt your wallet.

Special Events

Have a special event coming up in the family? L’Académie has plenty of room for large events, group discounts and menu for parties and special occasion events. Have any food allergies? Need specific arrangements? Let us know and leave the planning up to us — we’ll take care of the details.

Service you can depend on

Offering a great service is what makes or breaks a restaurant. The pace, atmosphere and ambiance are all crucial to a great service. In order to give a strong service, we believe in:

  •      Hiring and training polite and efficient staff
  •      Providing a good speed of service
  •      Being forthcoming and informative
  •      Fixing problems immediately with courtesy
  •      Ensuring quality of food and drinks
  •      Providing a relaxing dining experience

Since 1984, L’Académie has been providing bistro fanfare across its 9 locations in Montreal and regions of Quebec. We’re proud of offering Italian and French-inspired dishes for an affordable price with an ambiance of quality and class. Come in for a meal this winter season! Make a reservation today.